Dropheads Review

Fun game, but done before

Submitted by guitarman1203 on Tue, 2007-10-16 04:03.
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very easy to learn and master, funny at times, great tutorial explaining everything needed to know
Way too easy, to similar to every other game in the same catergory as this one

This game is in fact a fun game. It is filled with many different characters which brings a bit of difference when compared to the millions of other games on the internet that are pretty similar to this one.

All in all, this is a rebuffed version of any connect four, line em up game you can find on the internet for free. Dropheads does differ in many ways, but also is the exact same in many ways.

If you like Tetris, Super Collapse, Dynomite, etc. then you will enjoy this game. But if you like things with a bit of a challenge, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

If this is for your children, my recommendation would be to pick it up.... but if its for you, I would pass. The strangely odd creatures are the best part of the game, there is not much of a challenge to Dropheads.


A great buy for children who you want to shut up and sit still for a few minutes