Weave Words Review

Weave Words - the game everybody is 'talking' about

Submitted by balance on Thu, 2007-10-18 17:09.
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Easy to use and to learn, fun for a long time
No mini-games and I'd love for the background to have changed at least once

Let me start by saying that Weave Words is a great game. Not only does it only have a big educational value, but it also is fun.

It offers three play modes, but I love the relax mode, in which you get to play at your own pace and without worrying about whether you've made the right or wrong choice.

One more great thing about the game is its adaptability to age and knowledge groups. People of different ages, say kids and grandmas, see different words. The kids find the easier, shorter words and the adults spot the tougher ones. Therefore I think it's appropriate for most age groups.

It's a fun educational game that will keep you at it for a pretty long while. Personally, I would have loved to see more 'Wheel of Fortune' style extras - like bonuses or special things happening or something except for the words - maybe even some other mini-word games.


All in all, Weave Words is a great game that attracts, captivates and even educates. Furthermore it's a game for the whole family - not only the word-puzzle solvers.