Cute Reminder Review

Good for you, best for your kids!!

Submitted by Fariha Hussain on Mon, 2007-10-22 11:58.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
The cutest reminder ever! Your kids will love it! Small file size, easy to use.
Sometimes inturrupts dragging a vertical navigation bar, price is too high in comparison to a general reminder.

Your little daughter forgets about her home tasks regularly? Or gets tired of remembering that big load of home tasks? Then why don't you suggest her this CUTE REMINDER as a week/month planner? She will never miss a task again! Just tech her to enter the date, time and the task to remind about! Its so easy that even a four years old can handle! It saves space on your task bar and peeps from the side of the screen, just when you need it! And your kids will love it's cute appearence for sure. Their fresh ideas will never be lost again, CUTE REMIDER will help them remember those. Useful for you too, when you have to organize and remember your tasks by date. You will not have to drop your sweat just for setting up a reminder, its right at your hand! You can also write a quick note that will be viwed on the desktop for your convenience, you will not have to search for it which kills your valuable time. It also takes a little disk space. But the hidden menu often inturrupts dragging a navigation bar, and the pop ups are sometimes irritating. The reminder could be more attractive by playing a music at the time of reminding a task.


Of course, the price can make you feel a little awkward, but your the smile of your little princess means a lot more than 27 bucks to you, I'm sure!