Dropheads Review

Clever but not original

Submitted by LocheDuvall on Tue, 2007-10-23 18:28.
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Easy learning curve, cute animations, easy to load
Lacks content, repetitive, simplistic

Dropheads re-introduces the classic Tetris board with a twist that we're all used to from so many free online games already. You match 4 like colors to make a set, and try to complete as many levels as possible, while also getting a higher score. Higher scores are rewarded for adding more than 4 colors to a set, or making combos out of 1 move. Once you achieve 3 combos, you get to play a short minigame to match a column of 3 different colored pieces.

They recycled a formula that has to be recycled a few times a year by some divine law, but they didn't fail at it. This game delivers what it says it will deliver. Bottom line, it's cute, fun, and moderately challenging. All the while, it takes just a few moments to learn the best way to play.


Highly recommend if you are just looking to kill time, or are buying it for a younger child.