MP3 Doctor Pro Review

Excellent tool for Music lovers

Submitted by amitmittal77 on Wed, 2007-10-24 12:43.
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The lowest price: 26.05$
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Good features and easy to use.
Karaoke doesn't work on some complex vocal patterns.

MP3 Doctor is a excellent tool for music lovers. You can do many thinks from MP3 Doctor like:

Normalize: using this feature you can adjust the level of any Mp3 or Wav to standardize all your files.
Trim: using this feature you can delete the leading and end silence of a song.
Resample: using this feature you can adjust CHANNELS like mono or stereo, QUALITY like high, medium and low.
Equalize: using this feature you can adjust the sound, the atmosphere and the color of your music.
using MP3 Doctor, you can Encode (from WAV to MP3) and Decode (from MP3 to WAV)

Mp3 Doctor is the perfect tool for mp3 normalizer ,volume normalizer, converter, resampler, equalizer etc..


Good tool for music lovers with simple interface. Worth to have application like this.