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Excellent software for making Banners, Signatures etc.

Submitted by suchand on Wed, 2007-10-24 15:37.
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Excellent pre-built animation effects, Ease of use, Can embed background music, Interaction control, Excellent font controls, Can generate HTML
No controllable text leaving effects, No scripting controls. Could use a few more tunable controls, not really a con.

I really love this program. It's such a handy program, that I don't have to look elsewhere, or sit myself for more than 5 minutes, when it comes to a matter of making banners, signatures, and even greeting cards for my forum. Most of the birthday's are noticed at the last moment and SWF Text just takes 3-4 minutes, to make an impressive and music filled flash, with ready to paste in HTML codes.

SWF Text is pretty straight forward to use, have a clean and nice interface and a lot of options and settings to play around with - right from the size of the movie, to where it should link when some one clicks on the flash. Some of the background effects are fantastic; Depressed star, Fireworks, Nimbus, Rain, Clouds etc to name a few.

The text animation effects are excellent too. The latest version have added a dozen or more extra text effects. The letter size, color, height, width, spacings all are controllable using the software, which offers a great freedom for the user.

Also includes an audio embedding option, which takes wav and mp3 inputs. but remember to stick with the standard MP3 settings (sampling rate of 44.1KHz or 22.05 KHz), otherwise your mp3s can be distorted/ played faster or slower than the normal speed.

Oh, before I forget, SWF Text automatically starts the session form where you left it last time. Now isn't that something really nice ?

Here is my wish list for the next updated version of SWF Text.

1. More control options for the background effects (for example you can't change the color of the cloud background effect or you can't control the speed in the forest background animation).

2. Even though there are hundreds of fantastic text entry effects, there are hardly any text leaving effects. Except a few, most of the text leaving effects are too plain and is not selectable by the user. The text leaving effect is bundled with the text entry effects. I would be happy to see "selectable" text leaving effects, in a large number.

3. Even if you can have multiple text lines, they all will follow the same animation effects, and font types. It would be great if each new line can have it's own font settings and animation effects.


Overall, this is an excellent Flash animation products, offering 30 days trial and an easy and efficient interface. Highly recommended for all those who need to make quick, but stunning flash text animations.