Dropheads Review

Dropheads: Stupid Name, Stupid Game

Submitted by jacklelandb on Thu, 2007-10-25 01:36.
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The lowest price: 16.95$
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Easy to Play. Makes you feel like a champion, and in less than half an hour.
Childish Animation. Too easy. You may beat the game the first time you play it.

Dropheads is a simple puzzle game involving matching up small animated colored blobs of well... color I guess. The premise is quite simple and for anyone who's spent any time playing online games that are like Diamond Mine this game is basically the same but with a Tetris variation, as the goal is to keep the colored blob level down. As you battle through level after level (each taking 2.5 minutes max.) there become new types of colored blobs which will assist and also hinder your progress towards collecting pieces of a treasure map. Because why else would you match up similar colored blobs than to dig up hidden treasure.

There are two modes of play Arcade and Strategy. Arcade mode as its name implies is a faster mode of play with higher bonuses and more exciting pace. The Strategy Mode is designed for those who have a more surgical approach to their game play and like to decide each move according to a master plan, a la Snood. All in all either way, the game is just down right too easy, to the point where you feel a bit dumb and restless playing it.

This is that game that you play, just because it's easy to be amazing at it, but as soon as you make one mistake, you have no desire to redo any of the mundaneness which you just underwent, i.e. you might not play it more than five times. If this were the case it hardly seems likely that I would pay $16.95 for this unit which is so similar to many an online game. That being said, the money you pay will get you slightly better graphics and perhaps livelier colored blob animations than you would find online.


I don't think that people should buy this game, because it is easy to find a better, more challenging game for free online.