Smarty Uninstaller Review

Intelligent Uninstaller

Submitted by fcacoach on Sun, 2007-10-28 08:43.
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The lowest price: 26.15$
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A clean, intuitive interface with backup registry and restore point safeguards. Smarty is a fast and thorough program analyzer and uninstaller. Finds programs that other uninstallers miss. A 15-day fully functional free trial makes this a no-risk, high reward download.
The help is functional, but limited and the price is a bit high for a one function program.

The best uninstaller of the many I have used, price notwithstanding. Windows uninstaller found 104 programs installed on my computer. Smarty Uninstaller 2007 Pro found 135 with 3 possible broken installations and 22 system hidden components.

    A 31.4 MB program was uninstalled with Smarty Uninstaller 2007 Pro. After uninstall is complete, Smarty offered a "Cleanup" feature which "cleans all traces left by this application in your system". After reinstalling the program, Windows Uninstaller was run from the Control Panel. After the Windows uninstall did a "complete" uninstallation, Smarty Uninstaller 2007 Pro was run again.

      Upon startup Smarty indicated an incomplete uninstall for the program that Windows had just uninstalled. The analysis found a shortcut and 6 MB of files in program file which were not deleted. I chose to continue uninstall and Smarty analyzer found 11 registry entries in addition to the shortcut and the 6 MB of files. That means Windows failed to remove 20% of the program!

        A "Forced Uninstall" finished the uninstallation which Windows faild to complete. "Force Uninstall" uninstalls applications with broken uninstallers or clean-up traces when an application is incorrectly removed.

          Highest recommendation inspite of a premium price that is more in line with multifunction utilities.

            Other Features

              Smarty Analyzer or "Full Analysis" returns registry keys, shortcuts, and files.

                Mulitple applications can be selected to create a queue for analyzing or uninstalling.

                  Registry keys and files can be detected independently.

                    Shortcut cleaner, good shortcuts can be detected and deleted separately without uninstalling the program.

                      If an application wasn't deleted (has been moved to another location), Repair > Select valid path command can be used to set new path.

                        Full Registry Backup and Restore Point (recommended)

                          Full Refresh which deletes the Smarty cache and does a full, but quick re-analysis.

                            Registry keys can be edited using the Advanced Details option which also lists:

                            • Publisher
                            • Version
                            • Size
                            • Date of Install, Accessed, Modified
                            • Publisher's Help, Telephone and Website
                            • Install Location
                            • Update Link goes to publisher update page

                            If you are willing to pay a small premium for the best, then your search for an uninstaller is over, buy it. Smarty is so intuitive that the limited help feature is insignificant. This program is well worth the investment inspite of the price.