Ideal Calendar Review

IDEAL Calendar isn't that ideal...

Submitted by balance on Wed, 2007-10-31 16:07.
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There are plug-ins for PDAs
Ugly look, hard to use, no particularly special functions

What I don't like about IDEAL Calendar is that it's become rather old. Yes, maybe before flash was introduced, before the world of audio-memos and of Vista, it would have been a good application. Now, however, it would be best described as middle-ranking.

The first thing that I didn't like about it was the fact that the visual appearance was anything but pleasing. I looks old and feels old. There are no glassy or blurry effects like the vista ones. A truly IDEAL Calendar would have included a couple of skins.

Next, I didn't like the fact that it is very hard to navigate through the settings menu. I do not like having to constantly click on the settings button, then click on the various tabs, then find the option and finally click on OK - only to find that I don't like the change and then have to go through he process all over again. I think that an easier setting configuration system should have been included.

The learning curve is pretty long-timed. It took quite a while till I finally got the hang of thins. Like how to change font colors. Furthermore, I would have liked to set different fonts for different days. I don't think I can do that with the current version.

Also, the particular usefulness of this program is not great, as there are a lot of other applications available that do the same things - serve as organizers.


Not extremely useful, or fun, or easy to use. The application could do with improvements, but is functional (although not pretty).