Ideal Calendar Review

Ideal Calendar - Good program, not the most imaginative name...

Submitted by Sparx on Wed, 2007-10-31 22:48.
Author's Product Rating:
Ease of Use: 
The lowest price: 18$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Easy to use, program incorporates many useful elements, varied options included for your benefit.
Look wasn't as good as hoped, rather ordinary looking, some text is far too small.

What you get:
You get a neat calendar program with a variety of options and custom settings included.

It opens in a window which can e maximised to fill your screen. The calendar is displayed like a conventional
calendar, with tiles about 3cmx3.5cm. The background image of the calendar can be changed to appeal to your tastes (so if you don't like white, or wanted a calendar but don't have the money to buy it, just make it yourself), but since it covers everything, choosing the wrong picture will spoil your ablility to read events well. The buttons on the bottom look rather bland (they are default windows classic style) and it would be nice to change them.

Customisability (if that's a word!):
Most importantly, you want to be able to set out your events well. The programs handles this reasonably well, allowing you to choose the message and occasion, typefont, a choice of time display, and whether you want to be notified in advance. You can place several occasions on one day. Custom holidays can also be added, but in this option you're only given date and a background picture to put on the tile.

Other options include whether you want the zodiac on or not, starting up options, which days you want to be shaded and whether you want various numbers appear (i.e. week numbers).

The help instructions included are well constructed, and I had no problems following it. the options panel is easy to use and the addition of events is nothing more than a click on the day and adding information. Popular and well'known holidays are included so you don't have to put it in yourself. Multiple users are allowed so you can add your own personal holidays and events without interfering with another's dates. Overalll, the controls are logical, straightforward and intuitive.

Added extras:
A feature that was invaluable was that of combining multiple programs into the single calendar application. This means that you can be put an external address book, to-do list, diary, and other programs. You also have the opportunity to import occasions, and share you calendar (so for example if you're a club senior, you can post the calendar on a website to show membersb what's going on). You can also print the calendar.

Multiple events didn't necessarily fit into tiles, anything apart from the calendar itself wasn't well presented, custom holiday text was far too small with no opportunity to change.


A good program, and for $18 is worth the money. But those technologically-savvy people with PDAs and modern phones will find this program obselete.