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Luxor Addiction Syndrome

Submitted by FinalFantasyFan on Thu, 2006-03-23 17:28.
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easy to use, fast pace, entertaining
music isnt great, gets a bit annoying over time

I really love this game, it is very easy to use, the instructions came up on screen before the game actually started so you where more than sure from the very beginning what exactly you had to do.

In a lot of way this game is very like ‘Mad Caps’ and is very much about linking and gaining points. Instead of caps you have color balls which roll through different Egyptian paths while you have an Egyptian sling which throws different colored balls unto the path of the un-coming colored balls.

Your mission is to get your colored balls between other balls of the same color. The game play is very fast pace and if the balls get into the pyramid then it is a foul against you. You truly could get an addictive syndrome with this game for it could keep you entertained for hours.


Really addictive and fun game, you play this game and you really dont feel the time passing