Smarty Uninstaller Review

Smarty Uninstaller : A real smart uninstaller

Submitted by suchand on Sat, 2007-11-03 17:41.
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The lowest price: 26.15$
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Fixes broken uninstallations, Shows system hidden installations, Offers a powerful Forced uninstallation option, Simple clean and elegant User Interface, Offers restore point creation
10 sec start delay in the unregistered versions added with the 15 day trial limitation, Price; may seem a bit high taking in to account that there are default free alternatives. But really it's worth the price.

The first thing I noticed about this software is its clean , nice , slightly bluish interface. Yes, it looks smart and works smart too. Installation is very smooth. Offers options to add or not to add desktop icons and shortcuts (which is lacking in may software installers now a days, and it matters a lot to people like me who do not like their desktops cluttered with icons) during the installation process.

Once I completed the installation, started it up to check the functionalities. Smarty UI took its time to analyze the system and installed components. And once it was finished, a look at the installed software list made me whistle. Wow, it had found two broken un installations (Which I knew existed in my system) and that was not the end of the story , it could remove both of them too, clean. Also in the software list was displayed all those system hidden installations, like .NET framework , WMP runtime and a few others. So now yes, there is a way to un install .NET framework if you choose to.

Also to my delight, I was able to force uninstall winfast DVD (came bundled with my graphics card), which was not functioning , and was asking for the installation disk to correct the installation when I tried to uninstall it via windows built in uninstaller. I have tried a few other tricks too to get it uninstalled, but couldn't remove it completely. It was a quite easy task with Smarty uninstaller to force uninstall it. Now there no trace of the program on my PC.

Smarty uninstaller also offers a registry backup as well as restore point creation, so that if anything goes wrong, you can revert back to the old state. And the advanced analyze tools offer deep registry analysis and editing for advanced users.

So in a nutshell if you want a clean software uninstallation on your system, go for smarty uninstaller.


Smarty uninstaller is indeed a smart product from winner tweak. If you want to keep your system software installation - uninstallation clean, get it without a second thought.