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Great software, if you know the basics of vedic astrology is

Submitted by suchand on Mon, 2007-11-05 21:38.
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Extremely useful for people who know basic vedic astrology, Detailed charts creation, easy user interface, PDF export option
Doesn't mean much to people who don't know what vedic astrology is. Basically a software targeted for India.

Well, having read through the rather negative comments on this software, I feel this is one of the under rated software here.

First of all, I know a bit about vedic astrology, not a professional, but know enough fundamentals. And from my point of view, this program is fantastic. The charts it creates are excellent, detailed and accurate. In vedic astrology, when ever a person is born, his whole future is decided by the star & planet positions at the time of his birth. There are a few charts indicating the star's and planet's positions for each person and they are unique in almost all the cases.

There are professionals who write these charts for people and horoscope explorer also does the same job, with the same accuracy but in a much more detailed and user friendly fashion. There are various yogas and times in ones life depending on the planetary positions which generally a professional astrologer will analyze and will explain to a user. This needs a lot of practice and analysis of all the planets and stars involved in ones chart, which is a very skilled task. Horoscope explorer does not do this task completely, instead it tells you what are the yogas in your chart and how can they affect your life. Now it takes a skilled professional to analyze how exactly and the strength of each of these yogas.

Apart from this, Horoscope explorer is a user friendly software, and is very useful to one who knows the basics of vedic astrology. It creates detailed charts and predictions based on ones birth date and time. There are also analysis on the planetary positions along ones life circle and also detailed explanations based on different aspects. The whole result generated for one person can be exported to a PDF file. This feature is very useful for people dealing with this software professionally. In a nutshell this software is a very handy and excellent tool for people in the vedic astrology business, Especially for people from India.


Excellent handy software for professional vedic astrologers. Mainly targeted for Indian market.