Platypus Review

Very Poor Game

Submitted by FinalFantasyFan on Sun, 2006-03-26 03:14.
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Its real easy
Slow game play, boring game, poor graphics etc

It’s an easy game to play but not very exciting at all; the graphics are very basic and would probably appeal to a small child. But I don’t think that the graphics would impress anyone over the age of eight. It’s a basic ship shooting game which can be played in three difficulty modes from easy to hard, the goal of the game is to shoot various ships and spaceships to gain points and bonus points and that’s very much it.

The game play is very slow and kind of boring; all this game made me want to do was go catch up on some sleep, there is no addictive factor to this game. This in essence mean's, that there is nothing about the game that would interest you enough to want to keep playing it for longer than a few seconds.

Although it is not necessary for there to be any real help section with this game, because it is so easy to play, there really aren’t a lot of options for the game player, except for the difficulty mode option I mentioned before. All in all I was not impressed by this game at all


Was not impressed at all by this game, there isnt really anything to it.