Cactus Bruce And The Corporate Monkeys Review

Monkey See....

Submitted by anthonyjm on Fri, 2007-11-09 03:15.
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Great Music and Graphics for a game of this genre. Long enough to kill some time in a long workday.
Difficulty curve is very steep. Too long, gets repetitive and boring after about 30 of its 100 levels.

Take the old classic breakout game, add a One Ton Grappling Claw, a barrel of monkeys armed with coconuts and a few good friends, put them all together and you have "Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys."

The cast of wacky friends (ie: Marvin the Explosive Snowman) and the comical storyline add to the gameplay. In addition, Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys features memorable music, immersing graphics, 90 levels and 12 challenges.
In this game you use your mouse to fight waves of coconut throwing monkeys by catching and throwing them right back at their pesky friends.

A certain amount of precision is needed and with the incredible sensitive controls it is hard to obtain that level of precision. This game is suited for the 6-11 range but all would make a fun 10-20 minutes out of this game. All in all this game is definitely worth the money but you may be able to find something better for this price range.


This game is unique the sound is great and the gameplay is simple so anyone can pick it up easily ...overall it's an excellent game, I recommend it for everyone!!!