AccuChef Review

Could be a lot better

Submitted by Fariha Hussain on Mon, 2007-11-12 21:45.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Thousands of recipes- you can save your own, the nutritional value calculator and the meal planner are pretty useful, provides online shopping list of recipes and cost analyzer of a recipe.
The appearance of the interface is poor and graphics are terrible. Most of the features are not useful for day to day use.

I downloaded this software for my mother who was searching for a good recipe book. Accuchef fulfilled her demand as it provides a huge storage of recipes, but the dull and backdated interface really diappointed me. It took a long time to be installed, but after the insatallation was complete, the lousy graphics and small old fashioned buttons on top made me think whether it would really be a good recipe software. But it's recipe database is huge and useful, no doubt.

Except the recipe collection, calculation of the nutritional value, the meal planner, the recipe uploader and writer and the online recipe shopper, I found all the features functionally of no value. But I liked the meal/menu planner and e-mail recipe option. Because a menu planner will really be helpful for my diabetic mother after calculating the nutritional value of a food.

The application could be a lot more attractive by providing the image of each cooked food. The recipes appears in a seperate window and while that window is running, the main window can not be even minimized! The recipes could also be categorized by their origin or source like Chinese, Italian, Thi, Continental, Indian etc. and I think that would have been a lot more helpful and "easy to find" feature.

The nutrition calculator can help people who are on diet or diabetic or cardiovascular patient. You can save your own recipes and organize them to find out easily by the categories provided.

It might be useful for a professional chef, but people usually don't need to "Print nutrition facts labels" or "Create new cookbook" options in their day to day life.


The recipes might be useful but I can't figure out why someone would spend twenty bucks just for some well organized recipes. Go to a nearby food shop, twenty bucks will give you a lot more!