Xeno Assault 2 Review

Casual Gaming At It's Best

Submitted by Ravine on Wed, 2007-11-14 17:17.
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Good graphics for the style of game, Fun gameplay, Weapons are fun to use and allow player to have their "own" style of play, Simple controls
Repetitive Doesn't hold the attention of "hard-core" gamers very long

As the market of casual gaming increases, the demand for more interesting, but simple, games increases.

This game is both, it's beautiful interface and graphics combined with the many different weapons creates a interesting and visually attractive game.

While elegant and complex in graphics, it stays true to it's predecessors in it's simplicity. Think of this game as Galaga on steriods, and then it obtains a whole new arsenal of weapons.

Although it meets the needs of casual gamers, most "hard-core" gamers wont find this game interesting enough to fit their needs. It will remain fun for a while, but the repetition of actions will bore a gamer who has a larger array of games under their belt.

I would definitely recommend this game for anyone who enjoys a good classic, but can't handle the old style graphics, or someone who just wants to sit down and relieve some stress after work by blowing a few aliens away.

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If you are a casual gamer and are looking for a new game, buy this. It will last you for quite some time. Just don't get too addicted to it!