SWFText Review

Basic Flash Design for Beginners

Submitted by DrewOdette on Mon, 2007-11-19 02:17.
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Simple design makes it pretty difficult to get confused.
Time-consuming to preview the changes to your product.

SWFText is an easy-to-use flash button designer for your beginning web designer. Tabs on the left-hand panel make it very easy to find the type of effect and changes you would like to make. Users can experiment with animation effects and see their potential final product in the preview window painlessly. Very easy to save and even publish your creation as well.

One thing I noticed was the difficulty of finding animation effects that you find appealing. There are many options, but they do not refresh automatically as you change options - you must click the preview button and watch your text reload. This is a bit time-consuming and annoying...

It's the nuts and bolts to get you going, but if you are pretty into design, you should probably steer clear of this one.


Best for beginners; far too lackluster for the web conisseur.