Xeno Assault 2 Review

Great game, minor tediouscies annoyances

Submitted by eh-jhey on Mon, 2007-11-19 04:53.
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Stunning Visuals and frame rate great gameplay Ability to use mouse as a control great difficulty leveling
Player ship can seem slow at times doesn't stand out TOO much as an individual game

After trying this game i can honestly say that this product reminds me greatly of the classic, space invaders, with a new generational twist that incorporates stunning and smooth visuals along with gameplay not too easy, yet not too hard.

Usually when I play vertical scroller games such as this, I find myself unchallenged by it's "ease of use" approach, especially ones with set auto fire.

Even though this Xeno Assult does incorporate some of these easy aspects, i felt that they were incorporated fairly, fairly in the sense that you wont find yourself able to blow everything up on the screen at once with a single press of a button, but rather timing your blasts carefully and strategically to blow up as many as you can.

There is one downside to this game (at least for me), and that is that the ships movements can seem a little on the slower side at times..but this is not a major issue.


Xeno Assault 2 is a great vertical scroller with both great gameplay and good graphics. It does exceed expectations, but does not stand out from the "crowd"