Icon Constructor Review

Iconize your imagination!

Submitted by Fariha Hussain on Wed, 2007-11-21 10:02.
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Elegant interface, extremely easy to use, highly effective and useful web support.
Nothing if you ignore those "?" buttons.

How much would you expect from a trialware of only 4.4 MB? Nothing much, I'm sure... neither did I. But Icon constructor proved itself to be something beyond my expectation! Its simple yet elegant and provides loads of useful options to create and apply some beautiful icons for windows, e-mails, folders, AIM and even ICQ and web shortcuts! What more do you want?

The best thing is, it is really easy to use. Just select a picture (You can choose from a variety of formats) and 80% of your job is done! There is a big collection of styles. Just apply them and see how beautiful even a windows icon can be! If you are still not satisfied, another big collection is waiting for you in the Icon Constructor website. Just download them and turn your icon into a masterpiece!

But I could not find out the functions of those "?" buttons and I wish if there were some 3D styles in the gallery!

Icons are created in different sizes and you can apply effects, adjust the color and brightness of the selected picture, zoom in or out and rotate it - everything is right at your hand! Create your icon just the way you want it to be, assign it, and your files or folders will change their looks within a second. The web link is also very useful.


If you think your PC to be more than just a machine, beautify your icons and folders! And to do it, Icon Constructor will be the best help, I'm sure.