Dropheads Review


Submitted by nageltass on Fri, 2007-11-23 10:51.
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Pull a fast one during lunch or let it consume you for hours! auto saves every completed level!
If you are one of those who demand fancy 3d graphics this is not for you The sound is too repetetive.

My first reaction was "not another tetris-clone" but then after playing it for some time it really growns on you, I feel its really innovative and witty and althought it felt too easy at the start it got harder and harder giving me a sweat for a few but with me still managing it, props to the maker for spending time on playability and content instead of good-looking-graphics like most other games do.

Its not simply a four in a row game but more an advanced version with nice little tweaks and ideas - some that makes your life easier and others thhat gives the game another dimesion (read harder).


Try it! Its worth your while!