Dropheads Review

Great game to just pass the time!

Submitted by tgreenidge on Sat, 2007-11-24 22:17.
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-Easy to use. -Tutorial easy to follow. -Aids in basic problem solving strategies for kids.
-May be a bit too easy to use...I foresee that the ability to advance through the levels with ease, in little time, can make this game very redundant or boring.

The Dropheads game easy to learn, especially if you have played tetris before. The game offers a bit more features than Tetris, (the balloon that explodes your heads, the hammer head that deletes your row, the bonus session that sets you "sprinting") that makes your gaming session an enjoyable one.

The levels are quite easy to advance. Great for kids,as it provides a fun way to build strategies at helps them to think analytically. Great for the adult who needs a "time out", to simply de-stress, as this game consumes all your thought while in session, allowing you to quickly forget about the hang-ups of your present life.

Of the 2 styles offered, the arcade style is far more thrilling than the strategy style. The Strategy mode seems to be the true tutorial of the game, and once it is mastered (after fiddling around for 15- 20 minutes or so), you can quickly switch to the Arcade mode to show off your skills.


If you want a game that is fun, not too challenging, just so that you can pass the time with minimal stress or challenge, Dropheads is the one for you.