Horoscope Explorer Review

Value for money

Submitted by javaguru on Mon, 2007-11-26 01:28.
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The lowest price: 19.8$
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Detailed horoscope, marriage and varsha phala. Many setting for customizing the print. Value for money.
PDF export doesn't work as expected. Allows printing only in English and not in regional languages.

This software will be a great aid to an astrologer or any shop involved in DTP.

Installation of the software was easy and has all the defaults options provided to the user.

User Interface of the software is done well and has all the popular options e.g., Horoscope, Marriage and Varsha Phala.

Option of saving person's information may be especially useful feature.

There are various features for editing the page layouts which will be well received.

Export to PDF feature will be a good feature however, I do not see lot of use for this feature as there will be very few astrologers who would like to sit on a PC while doing their work. Also, it did not print all the information selected by the user. This may be due to the limitations associated with Trial Version.

Horoscope created from the software is very detailed and can be very useful for detailed analysis.

Since this software looks to be aimed at Indian market it should allow user to print the details in Hindi as well.


This software will be a great aid to an astrologer or any shop involved in DTP. Good value for money.