Xeno Assault 2 Review

Game with a Potential

Submitted by el2x_2008 on Sun, 2007-12-02 12:06.
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I must say that the graphics were balanced, cool names for the weapons and lots of enemies to blast into oblivion!
The graphics could have been better and there ARE games from "miniclip.com" online like Xeno Assault 2.A little pricey too.

I thought that Xeno Assualt II would look like one of those classic games from the 90's but once I played the demo,I was surprised with the graphics and the sudden "Let's blast them to bits!!"kind of mood got to me once the action started.

The game's controls were as easy as a "Knife going through butter".Even a two year old could control it.

Everything in the game suits it well,the music,the graphics,controls etc. The game maybe addictive and fun but....there's always a "but".....the graphics still needs some ,major adjustments.It needs some more "WOW" factor like the missiles really looks like Anti-Air Defense Missiles from a US Fighter Jet or there could have been better definitions on the 3D models.

The game could've been a lot more impressive if there was a cool storyline though.


Xeno Assault II is a good game for the casual gamer but for a "hardcore action crazy gamer", this game just goes to the game list of mediocrity.