Ant War Review

What Happened?

Submitted by Daniel Jackins on Mon, 2007-12-03 10:33.
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The lowest price: 17.99$
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Appealing, cartoonish visuals. Easy to learn.
No depth or strategy. Repetitive.

While this game may be mediocre in itself, it is nothing compared to what I would expect in this day of age. The game is simple, repetitive, and far from an enjoyable game. At first it looks like it could be a fun and worthwhile game, but that quickly changes.

I remember a while back a computer game named simply "Ants". This game, although released many, many years before, is unbelievable compared to this game. It feels like Ant War is a cheap, low-effort attempt to make money off of an idea that worked before.

If the game could have been more in-depth it could have been a very addictive and enjoyable game, but it just doesn't go that extra step to make it so. Ant War is simply a money-making gimmick, that is definitely not worth the money. If you really are intent on getting this game, at least give the demo a whirl. It gives you the idea.


Really do yourself a favor and try the demo before you waste both your time and money, I wish I had.