Weave Words Review


Submitted by MoeBettaRed on Sun, 2007-12-09 18:57.
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An actual slight challenge; ease of use; Not as ridiculously easy as other games of it's type
The music could stand to be a bit more upbeat... It kinda lulls you into a sleepy state.

When beginning the demo I already had a preconcieved idea as to what I was going to play. ANOTHER scrambled words game... But, surprisingly, this one kept my attention and was quite unique. The point of this word scrambler is to link together words from scrambled letters (the letters much be selected in order of the spelling of the word and touching one another). The larger the word, the more the points. Once a word is spelled you are asked to selected one of the letters of the word you made and if it fits a pre selected phrase above, it will go in. If not, one of your 5 chances are lost.


I'll have to say I was plesantly surprised. I play most of these games during a break or slow point at word just to pass the time and I've seen 1,000,000 different variations of what seems to be the same word game. The basic formula is scrambled letters, hidden words. but what I found different in this is that one, there is a specific phrase you have to build and can only use one of the letters from each word found and two, it's not as easy to build huge words as it is in other games. It actually offers a slight challenge... This one gets the "don't play at work because you may forget you are there" award...