Dropheads Review

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Submitted by nateo on Tue, 2007-12-11 05:23.
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-Offers an objective to each level
-The heads are funny?
-You'll be bored of this game within 5 minutes.

Ever since the excitement of "Bejeweled" swept the puzzle game field hundreds of spin-off games appeared. This is just one of them. Switch, swap, and match is the action the player engages to deplete a group of the same color for most these strategic puzzle games.
However, there is one different feature that sets "Drop Heads" apart from the basic swap and match based game. The player clicks the funny little heads, that are on top, and drop them to any place. In a way it carries the same principle of tetris. Dropping an identical colored head to match four depletes the group and the above heads drop into there new places. While dropping heads into places to match a group, heads fall from above that hinder your efforts. As you play further there are more colors that make it more difficult. There are also different objects that can help diminish the heads, from falling ancors to balloon popping explosions that blow the heads from there place.


Overall you'll be better off finding a game online for free that offers everything you'd find in Drop Heads.