Typing Master Express Review

Upgrade your scripting skills with Typing Master Express

Submitted by cotoanik on Wed, 2023-12-20 14:56.
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The lowest price: 17.91$
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It supports Windows, Mac and Linux and is highly portable with functionality for different languages and currencies.
Unhelpful background colors for typists at work that are too vibrant lack some sophisticated applications. Inadequate algorithm, intended for beginners.

Typists who are just starting out waste a lot of time mastering the basics. Ergonomics and graphical keyboard drills that help the user learn each keyboard function are two of the most innovative features of this software. It definitely improves typing tasks with this software in terms of speed and accuracy

Analysis of user evaluation data, which improves learning, is one of its most attractive features. Results include your typing speed, accuracy, spelling and punctuation

Typing Master Express is compatible with multiple operating systems including Windows and Mac and can be used in the office, home and school depending on the situation.
It contains advanced study material that greatly facilitates understanding and learning.


Although the program has many shortcomings, such as a poor layout for certain languages and low screen quality, it is still incredibly helpful and easy to learn the basics of typing without the need for a teacher.