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FileMonkey: Simplistic File Management and Organiser

Submitted by callum1218 on Sun, 2023-12-24 22:14.
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A simplistic user-friendly interface for novice users yet enough customisation and functions for tech-savvy users out there.
The paid version is quite expensive at $29 although you do get a 30 day money back guarantee.

FileMonkey's batch processing capabilities and user friendly interface did help save time for tedium tasks of manual file management.

The options and customisations were quite flexible to use while the navigation was easy enough even for the most novice of users.

FileMonkey is a good time-saving tool to have and despite its powerful capabilities, it still remains accessible to any level of users.

Whether you're tweaking file names, modifying attributes, or even performing advanced operations like encryption or merging, FileMonkey provided the tools to tailor the requirements that I needed.

Sorting out files into specific folders based on their attributes was easy enough and needing to rename hundreds of files at once was pretty straight forward as well. With its customised functions for automation and synchronising, I would recommend this to someone else to try this software out.

I found the paid version to be quite expensive in comparison to other software that carries the relevant tasks and to be honest, the free version was enough to fill my satisfaction. I may try to paid version in the future out of curiosity.


Overall, the free version was quite impressive to use and I can see how this software could save me time when doing the tedious and repetitive tasks of file management.