Puzzle Express Review

Well what do you want for a modern tentris?

Submitted by nmdahlstrom on Fri, 2007-12-14 22:14.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Its fun for awhile Cartoonish graphics
Repetitive Its tetris again

This game shows potential for a modern tetris and definitely revives the puzzle gaming genre. What it essentially comes down to is you get two basic game modes Scenic and Express.

While scenic mode is more for novice puzzle gamers or young children. This game mode provides more of a lade back experience due to the fact the its not timed like its counter part Express mode. Express mode is moderately harder but isn't much.

The pace played is faster by a couple of times. You are rewarded by getting different shaped blocks in a row and if you get multiple rows get extra combo points.

Once you get all the rows a picture is reveled of images from all over the country or import your own easily AND you if you become bored with your collection of pics and the games you can simply down load pics the publishers have created after the release of the game.


I would say play it if its free but its 17 bucks go and play tetris free online.