Shape Solitaire Review

New Spin, Old Game

Submitted by ClassyJ on Sat, 2006-04-01 21:19.
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This is a fun, new take on solitaire with lots of levels and can often be quite challenging.
ShapeSolitaire lacks variety in its goals which made me lose interest after extensive play.

I have played pretty much every version of solitaire that exists out there. I mean when you're bored in class and the computer is right there, why no throw on a game of Freecell or Spider Solitaire?

ShapeSolitaire, though it is a solo game that uses a deck of cards, is a totally new kind of game. The concept is pretty simple: arrange the cards so that numbers touch each other that are one greater or fewer.

Each level has a unique shape, like an umbrella or a house, and each level poses a unique challenge in arranging the cards. The time limit adds a sense of urgency, making completing some levels a frantic scramble to the end.

To complete the levels is often not that hard, but to get the bonus, which requires that you arrange the cards in a certain order, can often be nerve racking and difficult.

ShapeSolitaire is a fast paced, interesting game that takes the idea of solitaire in an interesting direction. The only thing that I really felt was lacking was variety. The challenge is always of the same nature and though the levels vary a little in complexity, they all have the same goal.

This game held my interest for a long time, however, and there were a seemingly endless number of levels. I enjoyed playing this game. It was a good couple hour distraction.


I had fun with this game. Pick it up if you're bored, it will provide a fun distraction.