Pocket DVD Studio Review

Have a good Pocket device? -Buy this software!

Submitted by ajay_rajeev on Sat, 2007-12-15 18:02.
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The lowest price: 27.2$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
* Very good Interface * Impressive quality at low size * Not overpriced
* Freeware competition.(although never reaches this quality) * Sometimes the software crashed on my P4 but is smooth on my P4HT.

I have been using freeware converters to compress videos into my N95. But i was always annoyed (mainly due to Long processing hour and at times crashing, audio out of phase etc.).
When i saw the link for Pocket DVD studio, i thought i'll give it a try. I downloaded the software and tried it. It also has a player for your mobile/pocket device. I will concentrate on the compressor as one can get many a good players for Pocket devices.

Was very simple and easy. No annoying components at all.

My first film used for conversion was "Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift". I used it for reason- its racing scene was never successfully compressed by freewares. The softwares allowes you to choose part of the film which you need to convert and qaulity.First, I set the quality factor to lowest. this compressed the whole film to about 100 MB. I then took my device and played it. The film was barely viewable as i expected. Then i took the highest settings. You know, i was shocked! when i viewed it on my phone! it just looked like it was the original DVD just shrunken down to fit the screen. And more important, it took only 300MB. i had pretty much more memory left in my 1 GB card. I think anyone using it shall encode in highest quality unless they are held back by memory restriction.
It is to be noted that there are not many settings. This may sound good for some(who likes a simple software) and disadvantage for those with a professional mentality.The Visuals and Audio are in perfect Phase! very good compressing.

To tell the truth, i was really impressed. It was very easy to use and performed much better than what i had expected.It is a good tool to prepare your pocket device for long trips(you can enjoy movies and videos).More, you can perform a show off with your phone. The Price is not so steep- it is in the range. I'll say its worth investing.I will recommend it to anyone wanting a good converter for pocket PC.


I liked the software very much. I really liked its interface and simplicity. Also the Compressing power and the resulting power. I really appreciate the person who chose the price. Correctly priced...... Overall - very good!