Dropheads Review

Hilariously Boring

Submitted by isleng17 on Sun, 2007-12-16 22:50.
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Bubblegum colors and the animated faces will certainly keep kids attracted for around 1-2 hours, nice unobtrusive sounds, detailed tutorial.
No challenge, no originality, and it gets pretty boring after completing several levels.

I honestly did not bother to finish the rest of my free trial minutes as I just wanted to get the game over and done with. The game was hilariously boring - it was a bit fun at the start, but once you get to really playing it, that's when the boredom sinks in. This game is like the type of game that's available over the Internet, the concept isn't new and there's really not much of a challenge to it.

I don't know if it's just me but I got pretty annoyed whenever I had my mouse pointed to a Drophead that wasn't on the top, it kept making that annoying face and shaking its head sideways. Worse, if you accidentally click on it, a message reminding you that only those on the top are the ones you can click on repeatedly appear and you have to click the close button at the bottom to get rid of the message, which I think is a total waste of time. If you're not supposed to click on something, there could just have been a beep or something, and the Drophead just won't move.

I'd recommend this game to kids as it will keep them occupied for a certain amount of hours, but for adults, nope. Not even for parents too, you're kid won't be playing this for a whole day either.


I wouldn't buy this game at all, even for $10 or less. The concept of the game is very common and only provides brief entertainment. This isn't a game you'd look forward to playing, but if you're just going to pass time it's fine.