Xeno Assault 2 Review

Xeno Assualt Review-Thomas Harden

Submitted by Thomas Harden on Mon, 2007-12-17 22:18.
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Keyboard & Mouse versatility. Power attack meter. Shield level. Graphics.
Meteor levels. Boss was unimpressive. Repition.

The game itself was a little captivating. Reminding me of the "old-school" nintendo and arcade platforms, I found myself not blinking for the entirety of the demo. There are a few things I would like to point out. First and foremost, I was thrilled when I realized there was not a requirement to use the mouse. All the clicking was annoying my significant other. After discovering all the keyboard shortcuts (Spacebar for main weapon, Alt key for secondary weapon), I soon noticed the power meter on the right side above my shield level. Playing with this a minute impressed me for without it I would have had a ton of problems with the final boss of the demo. If you wait untill the power meter is full to fire, you will devastate enemy ships with a power attack. I did not care much for the "dodge the meteor shower" aspects of level 3 and 7. It seemed a tad pointless. Simply put, I could sit in the back center of screen and shoot when I needed to. Doing this I passed both meteor showers the first time I played XA2 without losing a life. I was also unimpressed with the manner of the final bosses attacks. Yeah I know it's a demo and the boss of the demo isn't supposed to be tough, but I think he should have had a few other weapon attacks (2 different attacks is kind of boring for a boss, don't ya think). However, with this in mind I can see myself purchasing this game in the future. If you miss the old days of sitting in the arcade shooting everything in space, definitely try this game out.


Great work of art with the simplicity of old shoot-em-up space games.