Automation Anywhere Review

SuperTasks, IntelligentTasks, Scheduler and Endless Posibilities

Submitted by Federal on Fri, 2007-12-28 18:36.
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Intelligent task with if and else statements, database access, agrupation of tasks, full actions task editor and friendly interfase.
No export and import options for tasks and scripts.

Nice desing, very frendly.

The web recorder feature is something I've never saw in another automation software,

"Create EXE" is a very handy feature, tasks can be integrated with almost any otrer windows application.

The task editor is amazing, it shows every kind of action you could imagine, even database connection is available !, this one is very helpful to cross information with heterogeneous systems automatically, even programming statements like if..else are available, this makes tasks intelligent.

The Super task is super usefull to create consecutive tasks and automate bigger processes, you can care only about the response of single tasks and joing them together with this feature.

Automation Anywhere is designed not only to follow instructions exactly as a script, but to interchange information and variables also, so i can create intelligent tasks.

You can share tasks between computers with Automation Anywhere with the "Locate on disk" option but an import and export options in different formats would be nice.


Very usefull software, full features and windows integration, i would recomend it to replace repetitive (and not so repetitive) tasks, and much more.