CyberScrub Privacy Suite Review

Scrubs it clean!

Submitted by ppm01 on Mon, 2007-12-31 09:50.
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Simple to install and easy to use. Very effective.
Erasing can be time-consuming. Only older versions of Yahoo messenger supported; later versions (e.g. 8.1) not supported.

Privacy Suite is easy to install, intuitive to use and functions well. It is rich in features and covers secure cleanup for a lot of Windows Applications including the most common ones such as Internet browsers and chat programs.

The Privacy Guard feature allows you to configure and clean different areas of your computer where files are created during Internet activity. The Advanced option allows you to pick different programs such as browsers, chat software etc that are installed on your computer that may create such files. Picking each program automatically kicks off an auto-detection process that identifies potential folders and registry entries that could contain sensitive information. Additionally, it also allows you to add your own folders or registry keys for deletion as well. Furthermore, your cleanup settings are saved so you can rerun with the same settings in the future. Additionally, it also comes with a scheduler that allows you to create cleanup tasks and schedule them to run periodically on your computer.

Additionally, Privacy Suite also offers features to erase your recycle bin, deleted emails and selected files and folders beyond recovery. Additionally, you can right click on any file or folder and choose the "Erase beyond recovery" option to perform a secure removal of the file(s).

The application interface is quite intuitive and comes with a lot of helpful tips and information embedded into the task flows. A lot of default options are pre-selected which means as a user you don’t have to perform a whole lot of configuration in order to get going. If you do make any modifications, for example if you selected the checkbox to additionally also remove Real Player's play lists as part of the Privacy Suite's cleanup operation, the next time you run the task, it will remember your selection - hence you wont have to reconfigure it. Additionally, since the cleanup activity can sometime take a long time, there is a handy "Change Automation" option that allows you to configure what the task should do next i.e. restart and continue cleanup, ignore errors etc.

Finally, the application does its job well - it cleans up the intended files and registry locations beyond recovery. For the technically oriented, under the "Erase" -> "Erase Options" menu if you click on the "Security Level" you can even select various methods and algorithms for cleanup. Each mehod comes with a short description of what it does along with its characteristics. It even lets you create your own method but I did not venture that far ... :)


Overall, I believe Privacy Suite performs all the intended functionality and much more and in a very user friendly fashion. I would strongly recommend this software for anyone who value their privacy and would like to take the precautionary measures to keep their computers clean and safe.