Xeno Assault 2 Review

A good game - but is it worth it?

Submitted by Under Review on Wed, 2008-01-02 09:28.
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It's a fairly stable and amusing experience for a short period of time.
The game has a monotone feel, allowing for the same level structure, and is graphically bland.

While the game itself is fairly well constructed, the graphics and simplicity weigh the experience down. In the midst of firing rapidly at aliens, blowing up asteroids, and picking up temporary power ups, you realize how fun arcade shooters used to be.

Though this game does create a fairly stable and fast-paced environment, its lack of story or meaning threw me off. "Why am I here?" "Why am I fighting these aliens?" "Why is there a cheesy guitar tune playing in the background?" "What did I have for dinner last night?" Are some of the questions that arose while playing the game. The point at which I stop caring about these things has yet to be experienced.

The simplicity of this game is astounding, you hold down the left mouse button, and occasionally fire missiles using the right mouse button. While this gets the job done, there is an abundance of power ups at your disposal. The power ups don't help all that much, and if you die it's usually because you don't notice the aliens shoot back, or you are getting pummeled by asteroids.


The game is fairly overpriced for the experience you are receiving. The game is simple, but its a little to simple for my taste. Monotonous button-mashing action may entertain you for a short spell, but the price tag at which you pay for it isn't worth the bother.