Cute Reminder Review

Cutest possible reminder!

Submitted by premlaury on Thu, 2008-01-03 21:59.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Cute crawler that really reminds without causing menace. Ease of access. Track all your reminders easily. Snooze at your will for those lazy bones!
Only one pale blue colour as theme. No sync with outlook or any other software. Doesnt support any other language other than English.

A great software. One of the best reminder I have used. Constantly runs on the system thus differing from the conventional Microsoft Outlook which only reminds your appointments only when opened.
Installation was so simple and very quick.
Also it is just like your windows sidebar and the alarm just pops out so cute that it never disturbs you really yet like some silent notifier stays there on screen till you note it.
The interactiveness is great with the "idea" section being a cool idea itself.Also the easiness to snooze and the time for snoozing is decided by the operator, which I think other than Outlook none offer.
The price is also not bad for this kind of cute thing, but could have been little more cheaper because at the end of the day, you feel you paid heavily for a small software. Yet its usefulness often don make you feel that you over paid.
For those aesthetic wanting people, it comes with only one theme, so if u have an orange or yellow coloured theme in vista, it looks a little out of place. However, the cool blue color is pleasant to look.
Would have made a great software, had it been able to sync with ur outlook alarm and appointments, but that appears remote. So it is painful if a business guy who carries everything in his PDA and wants to synchronize it.
If the language is set to any other regional language other than Englishin the system, the cute reminder just carries "?" in place of time.


Best bet. One great reminder within its limitations. Ease of access makes it a wannabe software!