Puzzle Express Review

Puzzle Express Review by Anirudh Shivkumar

Submitted by anirudhshiv on Mon, 2008-01-07 02:53.
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Good Graphics, very original thought. Challenges the player
Should allow difficulty level, did not find an option for that, when i searched through options

Puzzle Express was a very original game compared to other games that have been released out on the market. With exemplary graphics, this game is a low-memory, high-performing game. Also, the realistic images of scenery that were incorporated into the game enhanced the user's experience as they passed through level upon level of brain-challenging puzzles. Another attracting quality about this game is that it limits the number of single-box pieces that you can use, so that someone who wants the easy way out cannot just fill up the whole box with single-box pieces. This game is intellectually challenging, and is one of the few games nowadays that have such a quality, and that is appropriate for all ages. If this product is advertised on the mainstream, it is likely to attract a large number of customers.

However, there was one quality that could be incorporated into the game that would improve the quality, and would attract a lot more customers. An option to select the size of the train-car should be incorporated into this game. This is because users can play this game on the go, in a time where they are on the run. Although, there is one option to play this game with a time-limit, not all people would like to use that. If you can let the user choose how big the boxcar should be, this would allow users to play the game thoroughly, and "still make it to the doctor's appointment".

Overall, this game is enjoyable by the whole family, and can be incorporated into a "family gaming night"


This game is a family-game, and can be played by the whole family. Would recommend it for young children as a pastime to improve their intellect.