Cute Reminder Review

An easy to use organizational program.

Submitted by tonk on Mon, 2008-01-07 03:56.
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VERY simple and easy to use, for those who are computer illiterate and those who aren't, as it even comes with a quick start tutorial on how to use it.
Could use even more functions for those who are looking for more in an organizer, pricey

With its colorful interface, and easy to use control panel, Cute Reminder is a small, simple, yet very useful organizational program. Like the organizer functionality of a Palm Pilot or any other similar device in the form of a Windows program, Cute Reminder can help you everyday in remembering tasks and events as well as a few other things that may be useful to you.

Let's start off with the interface. Cute Reminder starts with a small toolbar that stays on the right side of your desktop and is capable of being adjusted up or down. With an orange and green background with light blue triangular buttons, it is easy on the eyes and is aesthetically appealing. It even hides away further toward the right side, leaving a thin, telltale orange strip to remind you of where it is.

The four blue buttons it contains are four different functions of Cute Reminder. They are the Control center, Reminder, Note, and a unique function that is new to me that I haven't seen in other organizational programs, Idea. Idea allows you to enter some text, which will be stored and will eventually pop up on your desktop "after a while." Note is a similar feature, but will not pop up randomly on your desktop and will simply be stored, and is used mostly as a task list. Reminders are time constrained, assuming deadlines and popping up when the time comes around or is specified. The Control center is not as visually appealing, but is very simple and not overwhelming in any sense and it contains tabs to the three other functions that when clicked on are listed.

The program starts fast, is very small size and didn't really use any program memory at all and wasn't processor intensive, allowing you navigate quickly as well as hide it without it intruding on the usage of other programs around it.


Palm Pilot organizer functionality in a program.