Icon Constructor Review

Simple program for making Icons!

Submitted by Jorgearguelles on Tue, 2008-01-08 08:21.
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Nicely built interface, not difficult to use and so many options to make your icons look nice.
Could be better if you could choose different sizes and that's it.

I didn't expect to be able to do this much with the just the trail. With this program your able to make nice looking icons with any image or frame from a video. It is very useful for making your desktop looking nice.

I also didn't expect for it to be so easy to use it. Just within a couple of clicks you have a beautiful looking icon for you use as a Windows and Folder icons, E-Mail, Web, and ICQ shortcuts, and even as AIM buddy icon.

You have a whole lot of options to make your icon stunning. You can zoom in or out, apply effects, make image adjustments, change the size(wish they had a bigger variety of sizes) and even rotate the image. Everything is just a click away. It's also easy to assign the icons to folders and the shortcuts, since it does it all for you.

There really isn't a guide or instructions to help you, but it's not that hard at all to figure it out how to use it. Even someone just starting out could figure it out really easily. One thing is that the "?" marks didn't do anything when there clicked.


If your looking for an easy way for making icons to make your desktop have a unique look. Then this is the program for you!