XoftSpy Review

Shiny new paint job with a bad engine!!!

Submitted by thecritic on Wed, 2008-01-09 19:43.
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The lowest price: 27.97$
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LMAO!!! uninstall was great
limited database, lack of power to repair problems it found, not very customizable, too expensive for its lack of ability

Xsoftspy is filled with colorful visuals for the eyes, but does absolutely nothing to protect your computer. I honestly believe windows firewall catches more threats. This was a waste of money. I also had to wipe my drive due to the fact that it let a trojan onto my pc that it couldnt fix.

First off they caught me with ease of use, the quick scans, and the variety of protections. What you really get is a very small database to start with. The scans are going to be quick because its passing over all of the viruses and spyware that it doesnt have in its database. The ease of use is the fact that I never saw any threat hits. It appeared to be blocking everything. NOPE!

Next in line is the auto update that brought in TWO definitions in while I had it on my pc for two months. This is worst than Windows ME!! I hope I helped shed the light on this software. Dont buy it, download it, or even try it on a pc not even connected to the internet.

I due have one positive thing to say about it though. It was a breeze to uninstall!


Simply dont try this at home kids.