Xeno Assault 2 Review


Submitted by Blacko on Thu, 2008-01-10 16:50.
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Online Leader Board, load's of stages.
Boring, Some graphical errors e.g. Meteorite, Fails to full fill the purpose of a game, which is to entertain, No Movement, Rather dull load of stages.

Xeno Assault II

It's another top down spaceship shooter that try's it's hardest to be top down space shooters that were loved in Arcades, etc, back in the 1990's, though it's fairly hard to love this game, since it is for lack of a better word, boring.

The Gameplay is rather dull (Especially with the mouse) it also fails to produce those adrenaline "O crap" moments of fun and wanting to succeed and pass the level, I felt no compulsion to push and try my hardest to win the level, in fact, some of it was rather easy, and resulted in me giving up a few times. Nothing seems to give a good sense of movement, other then the background. The weaponry seemed rather dull, and didn't full fill my needs of fast paced, action.

The Graphics explosions, gunfire, etc all looked average, the aliens looked like your run of the mill Hollywood Alien space ships, though they did seemed rather dull, wasn't even entertaining watching a little explosion of each ship I destroyed. The players ship just looked like a blocky piece O scrap metal, with no movement or feeling to it either, which this Genre rather needs in it's games. The game did have some bad graphical decisions, e.g. Some Gun fire, The Menu which is a Big Black box which takes up most of the screen, rather dull scrolling background (Though does look semi-nice), also I did notice Graphical glitches to do with the Meteorites.

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The Sound - The menu was filled with a rather dodgy electronic rock song (Though thats a personal opinion) while the in-game music was a rather dull little techno music, while the whole time filled with Pew Pew, Wosh, sounds from Explosions and gun fire. Rather the sound gave very little to no life to the game.


Being able to come back to this time and time again is hard, it's just so repetitive, dull, and is overall a complete waste of money, it does nothing new, and hypes itself like it's a fully awesome game then falls short and fails at the most important aspect of a game which is to entertain