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Birthday Bios Can Be Very Useful...

Submitted by sixhotpeppers on Thu, 2008-01-10 21:06.
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The lowest price: 26.99$
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Easy to use, terrific as gifts, very unique!
Only gives information for the years 1900-2005.

Birthday Bios suprised me. It has it's ups and downs, as with any product. But, I can at least assure you that it can be very useful.

Birthday Bios is terrific for creating a quick 'newspaper style' or 'birthday times' gift. You are able to print this out with ease on the computer paper of your choice, roll it up, tie it with a bow, and give as such a unique gift! I have also found that this is a hit in the online auction marketplace. You can print these on designer paper and sell these on most online marketplaces. There are also ways to send these via email and/or digital delivery. It is also stated in Symphonic's policy that you are indeed allowed to resell the prints, but not the software itself.

There are options to add pictures and change the style of text. It is very simple to use. It includes great information about the exact day you were born. The President, your birth flower, the meaning of your birthstone, top headlines, celebrities with same birthdate, cost of bread, astrology information and much more.

What I did not like about Bithday Bios was the ability to only compose the prints for the years 1900-2005. It also doesn't have a very eye-catching design. No vibrant colors or pretty artwork, etc.

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At an attractive price of $29.99, you cannot beat it. Just a few months of use, it can pay for itself.