MP3 Doctor Pro Review

MP3 Doctor Pro Review by Anirudh Shivkumar

Submitted by anirudhshiv on Fri, 2008-01-11 04:43.
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Easy to use, included features enhance product considerably, choice of skins for program
Not enough features included within the program.

MP3 Doctor Pro is an excellent tool when it comes to music editing for beginners. Although, the program is a little light on included features, the overall software is a very easy tool to use, and beginners should be able to learn it within a couple uses. The pitch changer and tempo changer works very well because it modifies the pitch and the tempo at realtime, without any rendering of the audio required. This allows the user to experiment a little bit with the pitch and the tempo, before selecting the appropriate settings that they want. Reiterating what i said before, I believe that the pitch and tempo changing option is the best option out of the whole program. This is because with these sliders, you can modify the pitch and speed of a song, and make a heavy metal song sound like a techno song. However, the equalizer is a little difficult to use, as the function of each slider is unknown. One extra feature that this software can have to enhance the user's experience is a help document that explains the function of each slider in the equalizer, and what you use it for.

However, there are still some improvements that this software can have. For one, there should be more features in the software. I was working with Mp3Doctor PRO, and the only features that I could really figure out how to use were the pitch-bending and tempo-modifing features. I believe that one feature that would really enhance the user's experience would be the sound-wave display. Most music editing software that I have used show a wave-pattern of the whole song, and it allows the user to cut parts out, and paste other parts in. Also, when the user is having trouble finding an imperfection in their audio, the wavelength pattern would show the sound-wave pattern for the entire song. This would show a part that has a flaw, and if a user can identify it, the user can cut it out, and repair the section of the audio without problems.

Overall, this software is very easy to use for beginners, and there is a huge selection of skins that the user can use, providing comfort to them through a familiar interface, as they work on their audio-editing projects.


I would recommend this tool for beginners who want to edit their audio and correct imperfections, or want to make a remix of a current song.