Xeno Assault 2 Review

A fun shooter with some promise

Submitted by kodani on Mon, 2008-01-14 09:54.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
good graphic for top down shooter, GREAT controls, some nice power-ups,the 17.99 price tag isn't bad for this quality at all.
repetitive sound, the game it's self is rather bland, the flow of the game isn't very smooth ins transiting through stages.

ahh... the top down shooter.. a wonderful distraction from many more time consuming games that have become the norm. Xeno Assault 2 offers some promise but I myself didn't find it to appealing. having play many in this genre ranging from the somewhat bizzare, the pinobee series From Konami, to the hardest, Ikaruga from Treasure.

I find this one rather bland. the backgrounds look relatively the same and don't offer up much variety, the enemies are about the same. but these are common faults in MANY a top down shooter. the big bosses this game boasts hold no ground to the stunning and brutal battles of ikaruga, but they hold up for some variety. the sound isn't terribly horrible but it could use a lot of work. the background music slowly get rather tedious and the effects are the standard lazer noise you'll hear anywhere.

The good points of this game for me is what some other top down shooters need.First of mouse control makes this game WOEFULLY easy to maneuver, especially for those close call moments where you are just barely squeezing by the bullets. it really is a breath of fresh air to get such wonderful control down. the ship moves neither to slow or to fast.

Now another well spoken feature of the game are power ups this sadly is what brings the game down in my eyes. the powers ups are WAY to plentiful could take2 or 3 hits and before you know it I'm up to full shield again because of the shield extender. the missiles make killing enemies a snap ans well as the auto turret. Both of which you will find many of.

now while this game has many faults it shows good promise to improve to be a great game. if jugged blade puts a bit more effort into it and lower the insane amount of power ups this could be one worth more than the 17.99 price tag, but... for 17.999 this isn't bad at all.

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overall it's not bad for a bargain downloadable game and worth a try. hopefully a Xeno assult 3 will come along to add more spice to this series.