Cute Reminder Review

Cute reminder needs to be more than cute!

Submitted by seham2008 on Sat, 2008-01-19 15:00.
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sexy-simple design, easy to use
lack of additional or advanced functions or features

I do really like the reminder popup menu design and it’s skins it’s really cute and effective and not annoying at all. It simply gives the program main parts in a sexy-simple way.

But, in my opinion if I purchase this software there are little things need to be added to make it easy and effective such as:
· First, I need to click on any point on this cute task bar and see the drop down menu not only to click on the control centre so it is not necessary to put the control centre button in this task bar by adding “full screen” or “control centre” in the drop down menu.
· to enable me to browse my ideas as well I can browse my notes or reminders.
· to make me know which days I have reminders in by putting thick rectangle around them for example.
· To add more functions available in other competitors (managing meetings and conferences- e-mailing reminders or e-mail alert.. etc.).
· To design the control centre or the full screen with the same spirit they designed the desktop taskbar.


the cute reminder is designed in a sexy-simple, easy to use but there are many competitors online so it needs to have more additional or advanced functions or features