Cute Reminder Review

Cute but is it Clever?

Submitted by jessicasimons on Sat, 2008-01-19 17:04.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Pros:Simple and easy to install, hides away on side of screen and appears easily, can move the ‘notes’ around the screen for convenience. Takes up small amount of memory.
Cons: Not many problems to be honest but is it worth $26??

Okay so to start, basically the Cute Reminder is a program that is installed onto your computer and then it you can create reminders, notes and ideas which appear as boxes on the desktop (blue for a reminder and green for an idea). In the boxes, you can write whatever you want and it simply stays on the desktop of your screen until you change or delete it. Both of which are easy options. The installation of the program was very simple and in less than five minutes I was writing reminders in the straightforward boxes on the desktop. When the program is installed, there is a control bar that hides in the side of your screen. This, I think is a clever idea as it allows the control panel to be accessible but not over cluttering the desktop screen. To set a reminder was as easy as three simple clicks in which you can set an alarm for a specific time and date. It is quite a subtle reminder that appears on the screen at the time you selected it to with a postpone option and delete option when finished with it. I have personally found it very useful to me as I have been doing a lot of paperwork recently and the reminders and notes have allowed me to keep on track. When I was finished with the notes, it took an easy click onto the control centre where you can look into all of the bits and pieces you’ve been writing and delete them where necessary. The only problem was that when the toolbar was along the side of the screen, if you were scrolling sometimes it would pop up and get in the way but there was the option to move this anyway.


I have enjoyed using the software as it is useful and interesting and … well cute to be fair. I mean it does was it says on the tin. It’s the idea of post-its on your computer without the paper and pen and an easier way to dispose of them. My only problem is if you can buy a post-it pad and pen for the price of $5, is $26 really worth it?? Throughout this review I have raved about the simple design and layout but maybe its just too simple with loads of competitors out there, I feel there should be just a little something else.