Ant War Review

Ant War!!

Submitted by nicnac on Tue, 2008-01-22 21:53.
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Lots of options for you to decide your colony will grow, decent graphics and slightly addictive
Gets boring after half an hour of playing

I know that other people have written bad reviews about this game but I enjoyed it. It is kind of the same as age of castles but it has a more humorous side. You start off with a small colony of ants and you are supposed to make this colony grow. Your starting location is in the backyard of some random person. You can control how much of your ants resources go to certain things such as how much of your population will go to scouting which look for food, working which help your colony grow, soldiers who defend your colony from outside attackers, and nurses who I guess also help your colony grow. In beginning of the game you can also choose which kind of ant you would like to be.This can be very helpful because you can decide if you are a warrior like colony or a conservative colony that just wants to grow. Overall there are five colonies to choose from each offering their own special abilities traits. After you grow to be a certain population you can move your ant colony to a neighbor's yard. I like this game and would recommend it to someone was bored and just wanted to kill about half an hour of time it does get boring after a while but the beginning is interesting.

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It's a decent game but if you want a have a game that you can come back to the next day to continue it I wouldn't recommend this but if you just want to pass some time this is a fun addicting game to play