Cute Reminder Review

Nice software, but a bit high-priced

Submitted by ephi on Wed, 2008-01-23 04:08.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
The design is nice and simple, and the software is quite easy to install. The reminders or notes have a minimum of graphics and can be moved about on the screen. The text in a note or reminder can also be changed while it is on the desktop, so tasks or ideas can be added.
No problems really, the software does just what it is supposed to do.

This particular software does exactly what it was intended for. It can be easily used to create sticky notes and reminders which are then placed on the desktop and can be moved around at will. One nice thing with this software is the simplicity. It takes very little system resources, stays in the background, and the control bar hovers at the side of your computer screen, hidden until you need it.

The process of creating new ideas or reminders is very easy, and the notes are color-coded. Also setting the time is an easy task.
The only problem is that the floating bar at the side tended to pop up whenever I tried to scroll in another program, but this can be taken care of.

Because of the simple nature of the reminders or notes, they blend in quite seamlessly with other elements on the desktop, so it would be nice if users could drag their sticky notes dock them in one column (like a sidebar) to reduce the clutter on the desktop.
It would also be nice if the individual reminders or events could be given an order of importance (like star ratings) to enable a busy user quickly choose a task at first glance.

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On the whole, a nice and simple software, and definitely worth using, but at a lower price.